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How to Dry Orgasm

How to Dry Orgasm

A dry orgasm is an orgasm that does not involve ejaculation. When you reach a dry orgasm, you will experience sexual pleasure similar to having an orgasm, even though you have not ejaculated. Also, in a dry orgasm, the pleasure does not increase all at once and explode like ejaculation, but the pleasure gradually spreads from the prostate to the entire body, eventually leading to a state where you orgasm many times.

When a man becomes sexually aroused through sex, masturbation, etc., he usually reaches orgasm (the peak of pleasure) through ejaculation from the penis. Once ejaculation is over, the sexual excitement subsides and the pleasure ends. This type of orgasm that involves ejaculation is called a “wet orgasm.”

However, in dry orgasm, ejaculation does not occur, so even after reaching orgasm, the excitement does not subside, and like women, men can reach orgasm many times in a row. Dry orgasm is also characterized by a sensation of pleasure that not only surrounds the penis, but also the entire body, causing reactions similar to those of a female orgasm, such as convulsions centered on the lower body. It feels so good that many people end up making a louder noise than when they ejaculate.

Achieve dry orgasm by stimulating the prostate rather than the penis

Stimulating the penis like normal sex or masturbation will not lead to a dry orgasm. In order to experience a dry orgasm, it is necessary to stimulate (massage) the prostate gland, which is located deep inside a man’s rectum.

The prostate gland is an organ located on the ventral side about 1.5″ inches from the anal entrance. Insert your index finger into your anus up to the second joint and bend it slightly toward your stomach until the tip of your finger touches your prostate. It is said that when you touch the prostate, it feels a little rough, but it is often difficult for people who touch it for the first time to understand the location of the prostate.

In order to reach a dry orgasm, it is necessary to stimulate the prostate gland, but if you try to touch it with your own fingers, you will end up in a quite unreasonable position. Therefore, people who experience dry orgasm on their own often use “Aneros“, a device for prostate massage 

Getting used to it is necessary to reach dry orgasm.

Dry orgasm is not something that anyone can easily experience by stimulating the prostate. At first, even if the prostate is stimulated, many people are concerned about the discomfort of having a foreign object inserted into their anus, and do not feel comfortable. Just as it takes some women time to reach orgasm with intercourse, it is difficult to reach dry orgasm from the beginning and requires practice.  It is also said that dry orgasm is greatly influenced by your mental state, and unless you are in an environment where you can concentrate in a naughty mood, it will be difficult to reach dry orgasm.

Dry orgasm cannot be experienced without training.

To experience a dry orgasm, it is common to insert a finger or an adult toy into the anus to stimulate the prostate. This requires a roughly divided two-stage development process.

First, expansion development for physically inserting objects into the anus is a prerequisite . This is because the anus isn’t designed to contain anything in the first place.

In order to stimulate the prostate, it is necessary to insert a finger or a prostate massager into the anus, so it takes several days to several months to prepare for inserting a foreign object into the anus.

Next, no one is used to stimulating the the prostate from the beginning, so you have to get used to it so that you can get pleasure from it.

When people touch the prostate gland for the first time, their impressions include things like “a tingle” and “a tingling sensation,” but it is rare for people to feel that it “feels good.” Keep in mind that you need enough time to get accustomed to the feeling.

Also, although expansion is not necessary for the nipples and perineum, there is always work to get used to them so that they feel good.

Therefore, even if you think, “Okay, I’m going to have a dry orgasm today!”, it’s normal that you won’t be able to climax immediately that day .

However, on the flip side, you can also say that you can enjoy the pleasure of developing your erogenous zones.

How to have a dry orgasm (from preparation to prostate stimulation)

In this section, I would like to take a look at how to have a dry orgasm. In order to have a dry orgasm, preparation and procedures are important. Find out more below.

To reach a dry orgasm, you need to prepare some tools.

tools to prepareUse applications
lubricantItems to improve slippage such as Sessions lube
toyItems to stimulate the prostate, such as Aneros
towelClean up if needed
enema device or bidetNecessary for cleaning the inside of the rectum

Be sure to have lube and toys on hand. Since it is difficult to touch the prostate gland with your own fingers and provide appropriate stimulation, it is necessary to prepare a special tool such as Aneros. Lubrication is also a must to improve slippage.

Also, be sure to have a towel ready to prevent the surrounding area from getting messy.

You will also need to prepare an enema device or bidet. Since you have to insert a finger or a toy inside the anus to stimulate the prostate, you need to clean the inside of the anus with an enema or bidet.

Clean your bowels with an enema

The bowels should be cleaned to not to inhibit the movement of the Aneros. There are many methods like enema bulbs, but for the easiest and best cleanse we recommend a bidet. They have come down in price since the introduction of the toilet seat attachment. Some of the best models are under $40. Also, According to medical studies, “providing water flow to the anal region via bidet can be effective in reducing the severity of constipation.” 

Take a relaxing position such as laying on your side

Position is very important when aiming for a dry orgasm. The key points are how relaxed you can be and how you can stimulate the prostate in just the right way.

Laying on your side is also a recommended position . One thing to keep in mind is that when laying on your side, it is best to keep your dominant arm facing up.

Massage the anus slowly

In order to have a dry orgasm, you have to insert a finger or prostate massager into your anus. However, you should not insert it into your anus right away just because you are in the right position.

First of all, you need to loosen the muscles around your anus and turn it into a “hole that you can put things in and take out. ”

Therefore, start by massaging the anal area using lube. Many of the muscles in the buttocks are linked together, so it is more effective to massage not only the anal sphincter but also the muscles of the buttocks themselves.

When massaging, gently massage the entire buttocks.

Insert a finger cot or condom-covered finger into the anus.

Once the anus has loosened up enough, it’s time to insert fingers and Aneros into the anus.

When inserting your finger, do it slowly and carefully to avoid cutting . Don’t forget to wear a condom or finger cot at this time.

It is also effective to insert a thin item like a cotton swab at first to get used to the feeling of having something inserted into the anus.

Gradually get used to it by changing the thickness and length of the little finger, then the index finger, then the middle finger, and finally, when you can insert about two fingers, the expansion of the anus is complete.

However, it is almost impossible to spread it this much in one day, so you should slowly loosen it up by repeating the massage and insertion over several days.

Once you find the prostate, stimulate it

Once you can move your finger in and out smoothly, you can move on to the stage of locating the prostate.

First, gently bend the finger toward the belly side like a hook. At this time, if you try to stimulate the intestinal wall with your fingertips, you may damage it, so be sure to push with the pads of your fingers.

The way to search is to gradually go down from the back to the front. Before long, you should be able to find a point where you feel something that is neither tingling pleasure nor discomfort. If you touch it and feel a throbbing sensation, that is the prostate.

The prostate itself is the size of a walnut, but the size you can feel through the intestinal wall is not that big, so sharpen your senses and concentrate .

Once the prostate is found, stimulation is repeated with gentle tapping until the tingling discomfort changes to a tingling pleasure.

Once you are completely familiar with it, try using a prostate massager like Aneros.

Check the position of the prostate and use Aneros and explore the sensations.

The key is to apply plenty of lube, insert it slowly, and hit the prostate accurately. If you experience pain during insertion, add more lube or repeat the massage.

Unlike your fingertips, it doesn’t have any sensation, so be careful not to massage to hard or fast to avoid injury.

Careful stimulation with anal peristalsis and PC muscles

There is no need to move the Aneros with your hand .

When inserted into the anus, the prostate is stimulated by the peristaltic movement of the PC muscle and intestines, allowing you to reach a dry orgasm hands-free.

Peristalsis is a movement in which the intestine side contracts and the anal side relaxes, and is a movement that pushes the contents of the intestines out into the anus.

Starting off as a beginner, pelvic floor muscle exercises with Aneros inserted is recommended.

Any posture other than sitting is OK. We recommend lying down and relaxing at first. If you are in a comfortable position, you can concentrate on stimulating the prostate.

Tips for having a dry orgasm

Even if you follow the instructions carefully, there are cases where you may not be able to achieve a dry orgasm.

In this section, we will explain tips on how to have a dry orgasm, so please check it out.

Create an environment where you can concentrate

In order to reach dry orgasm, it is very important to create an environment where you can concentrate . Of course, physical stimulation is important, but it can be said that there are many cases where you can’t achieve orgasm unless you play in a place where you can concentrate on pleasure.

We’ve all had the experience of suddenly coming to our senses during sex and then not being able to enjoy it anymore. On the contrary, there may be cases where you were able to concentrate and enjoy a play with a high level of pleasure.

In the same way, concentration is important in order to have a dry orgasm.

Specifically, it’s best to play in a place where no one can see you and you don’t have to worry about your surroundings

Besides, if you worry about something, you won’t be able to concentrate on playing, so it’s a good idea to create a mental state where you don’t have to worry about anything.

Try after warming up in a bath or shower

Another trick to achieving a dry orgasm is to warm up your body with a bath or shower .

Dry orgasm requires inserting a foreign object into a contracting organ called the anus, which can be difficult to insert if your body is tense.

Therefore, warming your body with warm water will relieve tension and make it easier to reach a dry orgasm .

Taking a bath or shower also has a relaxing effect, so it can be said to have psychological benefits as well.

Be conscious of abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing is also an important point for achieving a successful dry orgasm.

Simply put, abdominal breathing means that when you breathe out, your stomach contracts and when you breathe in, it expands.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with dry orgasm, but if you do abdominal breathing while inserting the Aneros, the tool will move on their own in just the right way .

The regular and exquisite movements that are unrelated to your conscious mind stimulate the prostate in a very pleasant manner.

Belly breathing [Video] (or Diaphragmatic Breathing) also has the benefit of having a relaxing effect, so in that sense, it is recommended for achieving a successful dry orgasm.

Developing sensations from the perineum

One way is to start developing the perineum instead of the prostate .

Perineum may not be a word you are familiar with. The perineum is the part between the anus and the base of the balls.

Although it doesn’t look like anything special from the outside, the prostate gland is located deep within this area, and when you press the perineum, the prostate gland inside is also stimulated .

Of course, sufficient development time is required to stimulate the perineum and obtain pleasure. However, by performing perineal masturbation, which stimulates the perineum, you can learn how to stimulate the prostate and make it easier to reach dry orgasm.

Listen to hypnosis audio

Concentration and relaxation are important for dry orgasms, and hypnotic audio is perfect for these.

Hypnosis audio is mainly used to reach a “brain orgasm” using only delusions . This brain orgasm is also an orgasm that does not involve ejaculation and is a type of dry orgasm.

One of the benefits of using hypnotic audio is that there are many different types of hypnotic audio, so you can imagine your own favorite situations.

If you listen to hypnotic audio while stimulating your prostate, you will definitely get closer to a dry orgasm. You might even be able to get your brain going, so please give it a try.

Parts you want to stimulate to reach dry orgasm

The “prostate” is most important

The prostate gland is linked to organs such as the urethra and seminal vesicles, and can be said to be the point where it is easy to feel pleasure.

Many people reach climax in the prostate, and it is no exaggeration to say that the prostate is the most important place for dry orgasms . 

The prostate is located just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. If you press on the intestinal wall about 1.5″ inches deep from the anus, you can feel the pulsating prostate gland.

When the penis is erect, it swells and becomes hard to the touch, making it easier to find, so when looking for the prostate for the first time, it’s best to have it somewhat erect.

Although the location varies from person to person, it is an organ that every man has, so please take your time to explore it.

The “perineum” located between the penis and anus

The area between the penis and anus is the perineum. The perineum is an erogenous zone that exists in both men and women.

As mentioned above, this is an erogenous zone located directly below the prostate, and the common method is to stimulate it by stroking it with a feather touch or pushing it in like pressing pressure points .

Many adult products such as Aneros have parts that stimulate the perineum, so there is a rational reason why it is easier to reach dry orgasm.

Stimulating the perineum is an erogenous zone that is recommended for beginner method to get comfortable with the area.

Chikunī チクニー

Nipples require careful development and are for advanced users, but they are an erogenous zone that can be easily combined with perineal and prostate stimulation.

As development progresses, it will be possible to achieve dry orgasm with just the nipple .

In order to reach a dry orgasm with your nipples, you need to repeatedly stimulate your nipples to imprint in your brain that “this is a pleasurable act.”

By the way, if you touch your nipples and it feels ticklish, it is said that you are more likely to have a dry orgasm with your nipples, so give it a try .

Chikunī Guide Here

Male squirting, Tokoroten and dry orgasm are similar but different.

Male Squirting 男性の潮吹き

These two climaxes have slightly different methods and quality of climax.

– Man squirts by continuously stimulating the glans
– Basically, it is done after ejaculation, so some people massage harder.
– The prostate repeatedly expands and contracts due to the pleasure, stimulating the bladder.

Unlike urination, which occurs during squirting, the purpose of squirting is not to eliminate waste products, so squirting is often colorless and transparent .

Male Squirting Guide Here

Tokoroten ところてん

  • Stimulate the seminal vesicle located above the prostate to push out semen.
  • Because it pushes out semen, it is possible to ejaculate even without an extreme erection.
  • The name is a reference to Tokoroten Tsuki tool, because it resembles the process of extruding the Agar.
  • It includes elements of dry orgasm, but is characterized by ejaculation.

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