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What is the Aneros?

What is the Aneros?

Some of you may be wondering, “Aneros? What is that?” This is an adult product for male anal masturbation.

Aneros is a special item that stimulates the prostate!

Aneros is a special adult product designed to stimulate the male prostate. Aneros is a smoothly curved rod-shaped item.  It is inserted into a man’s anus and is intended to stimulate the prostate.

On Japanese web sites, masturbation using Aneros is sometimes referred to as “anani”, short for “anal masturbation”, because it involves masturbating with the anus.

However, even with that being said, there may be some people who say, “I don’t really understand what it is.” Some of you may be wondering, “What is the prostate anyway?”

Therefore, here we will briefly explain what the “prostate” is and how to give pleasure with Aneros.

The prostate is an erogenous zone that only men have

The prostate gland is an organ that secretes prostatic fluid, which protects semen. It is located just below the bladder.

Insert your finger straight into the intestine through the anus, advance about 5 cm straight, and press the abdominal wall of the intestine. When you press your finger, you will feel the slightly stiff prostate gland.
(*As it may damage the intestinal wall, we do not recommend that you insert your finger into it to check.) Even with modern medicine, there are many mysteries surrounding the formation of the prostate gland.

There is a theory that when a fertilized egg grows into a fetus and the body structures of men and women are formed, a woman’s vagina and clitoris are formed, and a man’s prostate and penis are formed.

The prostate is an erogenous zone that only men have. This is because by providing just the right amount of stimulation, you can experience a different kind of pleasure than ejaculation.

Aneros is used by inserting it into the anus

Aneros is an item that is inserted into the anus and stimulates the prostate gland through the intestinal wall to produce a pleasurable sensation.

The body is approximately 10cm long and is slightly curved, and when inserted into the anus, the head part hits the prostate. Then, when you gently move the grip and grind it, intense pleasure runs like an electric current and fills your lower body.

The pleasure obtained from Aneros is commonly called “dry orgasm” or “prostate orgasm” or “anal orgasm”.

Normally, the sexual climax (orgasm) that a man achieves during sexual intercourse only lasts for a few seconds at a time.

There is a gradual feeling as it rises, and the moment of ejaculation that makes your brain sparkle intensely. And after ejaculation, a pleasant sensation lingers for about 1 to 2 seconds.

However, the sensation of climax obtained by stimulating the prostate with Aneros is completely different.

The sensation of climax that exceeds the moment of ejaculation lingers for a long time. Your hips lift up, your voice leaks out involuntarily, your whole body spasms and your muscles relax, more similar to the extended pleasure of a “female orgasm”.

Also, once the pleasure switch is turned on and you leave the Aneros in, the waves of climax will come over and over again, your whole body will be covered in sweat, your rationality will collapse, and you will fully experience the so-called “Super Orgasm”.

Because it does not involve ejaculation, it is called a “dry orgasm that does not get wet with semen.”

Does it take time to get used to the Aneros?

Aneros does not give you a dry orgasm immediately after using it for the first time.
For the first one or two times, it seems like it might stay at the level of “this is a bit weird.”

In addition, pleasure does not come the moment Aneros hits the prostate after insertion, and it is said that in most cases it takes around 20 minutes.

How was Aneros created?

“Aneros” was developed and invented as a prostate massager in 1996 by urologist Jiro Takashima (Houston, Texas) of Aneros Company in the United States . In 1997 , Jiraud Takashima founded HIH (High Island Health LLC.), obtained a patent for the product, and began selling the product under the name Pro-State. At the time, the Aneros was widely accepted as a massage device that could be used at home to improve prostate symptoms like LUTS and BPH.

When you have a prostate disease, a substance called “prostatic fluid” accumulates in the prostate gland. The device used there was the prototype of Aneros. By stimulating the prostate gland, it squeezes out fluid and relieves symptoms.

How to use Aneros

In order to enjoy a smooth dry orgasm using Aneros, you first need to know the tips and precautions to use it effectively.

Here, we have summarized the points to keep in mind when preparing to use Aneros.

First, clean your anus thoroughly!

Needless to say, the inside of the anus is covered with feces, etc., so it is unhygienic to insert it without any preparation.

First, clean the inside of your anus thoroughly. If you are serious about cleaning, we recommend using an enema that can be purchased at drug stores.

However, if you don’t have an enema handy or don’t like enemas, you can use the toilet washlet or shower.
Apply water or hot water to the anus with moderate water pressure to loosen the anus and cleanse the rectum.

Massage the anus before insertion

If you touch the anus with your finger now, you will notice that if you are not used to inserting Aneros, the anus will tighten as a conditioned reflex.

Originally, the anus is the “exit for feces,” and the anus cannot get used to the feeling of “things coming in.” The anal sphincter instinctively contracts to prevent penetration.

If you suddenly try to insert Aneros in this state, you will only end up damaging the anal area.

So, first of all, you need to thoroughly massage your anus using your fingers.

Trim your nails properly, wash them with hand soap, and gently stroke them with your fingertips to loosen them. Ideally, use lotion at this time.

Once you get used to touching your anus with your finger, try inserting your finger. Try to insert it up to about the first joint and slowly move your finger back and forth to loosen the inside of the anus.

When you feel like it’s loosening up, it’s time to insert Aneros.

Insert slowly and gently!

Lotion is necessary when massaging the anus with your fingers, and it is also essential when inserting Aneros. The intestinal wall is delicate and can be damaged if inserted without lotion.

Put it in slowly and gently.
At this time, the trick is to insert it while lying on your side.

It’s the position where the anus is most relaxed, so I think it’s easy to insert it smoothly even for the first time.

How to use Aneros for anal masturbation

Now, the preparation for using Aneros is as written above, but here I would like to summarize the basic usage and tips that you should keep in mind in order to have a smooth dry orgasm and enjoy masturbation in a healthy manner. I think.

Try to “Relax”

When performing “prostate masturbation” using Aneros, the important thing is to relax.

It’s hard to get pleasure if you’re nervous, so take your time in relaxing poses and enjoy masturbation.

Wait about 10 minutes after inserting

After inserting Aneros, you can feel pleasure by moving it while imagining it hitting your prostate.

However, it is no good to move it from the moment you insert it. Be especially careful if you are masturbating anally for the first time. Your body is nervous because you are not used to having a foreign object enter your anus.

If you move it quickly in such a state, the muscles may contract and cause pain around the anus. When you experience pain, it becomes difficult to relax, and as a result, you become distant from pleasure.

So, first of all, do nothing for about 10 minutes and take slow, deep breaths to get used to the state of “Enemagura being inserted”.

Move Aneros with the anal sphincter

Aneros has a handle, but it is not recommended to suddenly move it around by hand after inserting it.

First, let’s move Aneros naturally by doing exercises that loosen and tighten the anal sphincter muscles. I think the tip gently touches the prostate and gradually brings about a pleasant feeling.

Don’t touch the penis

The most important thing when masturbating with Aneros is to not touch your penis.

It is common that masturbation = squeezing the penis, but when masturbating with Aneros, the sensations are dispersed and there is a possibility that you will not be able to get the pleasure of the prostate properly.

So instead of touching your penis, focus on your prostate sensations.